Ten Reasons to Practice Family Medicine in Elliot Lake

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Our Team

Elliot Lake is known as a great place to learn and practice. Physicians are able to balance a practice that provides a variety of experiences due to the City's rural environment combined with an exceptional lifestyle.  Most of Elliot Lake's physicians find Elliot Lake to be a fantastic place to raise their families and to pursue various recreational activities at their own leisure.

Meet our Physicians

Dr. Mike Britton-Foster
Dr. Britton Foster is Chief of Staff as well as Coroner at St. Joseph General Hospital.  Dr. Britton Foster is a graduate of the University of Calgary.  He has raised three children in Elliot Lake and enjoys the outdoor recreation possibilities in our community.

Dr. Frank Chi
Dr. Chi is our full-time anaesthetist as well as our local faculty member for the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. Dr. Chi is a graduate of the University of Ottawa.  He and his wife have raised 4 children in Elliot Lake.

Dr. Tim deBortoli
Dr. deBortoli is an original Elliot Laker! After completing his studies at the University of Ottawa, Dr. deBortoli returned home to practice family medicine and assist with surgery.  Dr. deBortoli is the Chief of Emergency at St. Joseph's General Hospital as well as the Chair of the Elliot Lake Family Health Team.

Dr. Catherine Groh
Dr. Groh is a full-time doctor and a mother of 3 children. She is a graduate of McMaster University.  Dr. Groh enjoys a family practice, prenatal care, obstetrics, the ER and has much to offer as a preceptor.  Dr. Groh is the Chief of Obstetrics for St. Joseph's General Hospital and often participates in specialty clinics with the Algoma Public Health.. 

Dr. William J. Long
Originally from Australia and a graduate of the University of Melbourne, Dr. Long has been practising General Surgery in Elliot Lake for many years.  His surgery skills are well respected beyond Elliot Lake's borders.  Dr. Long raised five children in Elliot Lake and enjoys an active lifestyle in our community.

Dr. David Margetts
Dr. Margetts operates an obstetrics clinic and is also the Director of Care for St. Joseph manor.  He is a graduate of Kings College Hospital in London, England.  Dr. Margetts has raised four children in Elliot Lake and, when not at the hospital, can often be found sailing his boat on Lake Huron. 

Dr. David Matheson
Dr. Matheson is a graduate of Queen's University.  He has raised three children in Elliot Lake and maintains an active role in the community.  Dr. Matheson enjoys the width and breadth of a general practice shared between clinic and hospital and believes that students and residents can learn from this type of setting. 

Dr. Chris Prescott
Dr. Prescott is a graduate of Acadia University (B.Sc.H.) and Dalhousie University (M.D.) and trained on the East Coast.  He has lived and practiced Family Medicine in Elliot Lake since 1991.  His practice includes clinic work, emergency medicine, stress testing, inpatient care, and some anaesthesia. He has four children, the oldest of which started university, at Acadia, in 2014/2015.  Dr. Prescott looks forward to building the confidence of medical students and residents. He has recently been accredited as an Assistant Professor at NOSM, and has been teaching for many years.

Dr. Andrew Purzner
Dr. Purzner is a graduate of St George's University of Grenada, did his Family Medicine Residency at the University of Manitoba, as well as with the Northern Ontario School of Medicine.  Originally from the North Shore, Dr. Purzner is now a GP/Anaesthetist and has returned to the area to join the Family Health Team as well to practice at St. Joseph's General Hospital. 

Dr. Zubaida Siddiqui
Dr. Siddiqui completed her residency program in Family Medicine through Queen's University.  Originally from Pakistan, Dr. Siddiqui and her family have moved to Elliot Lake from Toronto.  She also has a special interest in obstetrics care and services related to women health issues, mental health and addictions.

Dr. Mike Stirling
Dr. Stirling returned home to Elliot Lake to pursue his surgical career.  In addition to general surgery in Elliot Lake, Dr. Stirling also maintains surgical privileges at the Sudbury Regional Hospital.  Dr. Stirling is an accomplished triathlete and maintains an active lifestyle in Elliot Lake alongside his wife and two children.

Dr. Barry Wannan
Dr. Wannan is a graduate of Western University.  He has raised five children in Elliot Lake and enjoys a very active, outdoor lifestyle.  Dr. Wannan maintains his practice in Elliot lake and carries out clinics in neighbouring First Nation communities.

Dr. Fred Young
Dr. Young is a graduate of the University of West Indies.  He has raised four children, three of whom remain in Elliot Lake.  Although Dr. Young now concentrates his practice on the Family Health Team, he has been a long-time contributor to the team, both at the clinic and at the hospital.

Dr. Cherie Culic
Dr. Coulic works at St. Joseph`s General Hospital in the emergency department.  Dr. Coulics practice consists of emergency room shifts.

Dr. Todd Spencer
Dr. Spencer works the ICU at St. Josephs General Hospital as well as St. Joseph`s Manor.