Ten Reasons to Practice Family Medicine in Elliot Lake

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Healthcare Facilities

For a small community, Elliot Lake is well positioned to care for its citizens.  Health care in Elliot Lake is provided primarily by St. Joseph's General Hospital - a 57 bed accredited hospital with exceptional medical facilities.  Hospital care is supplemented by a recently renovated modern Family Health Team, one long term care facility, two retirement homes, an addictions rehabilitation centre and a wide variety of community health support services. Specialists hold frequent clinics in Elliot Lake reducing the need to travel for specialized care. Elliot Lake is also central to world class care through the Sudbury Regional Hospital and Sault Ste. Marie Hospital - both housed in brand new, state-of-the-art facilities.

Family Health Team

Elliot Lake Family Health Team / Equipe de Santé Familiale d'Elliot Lake
31 Nova Scotia Walk, Elliot Lake, ON  P5A 1Y9
(705) 461-8882

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The Elliot Lake Family Health team is a multi-discipline allied health care team that provides primary care to the community of Elliot Lake.  The new clinic is located on the same site as a retail pharmacy and lab, and all Family Physicians in Elliot Lake practice out of the Family Health Team.

St. Joseph's General Hospital

70 Spine Road, Elliot Lake, ON  P5A 1X2
(705) 848-7182 Ext. 2420

Pierre Ozolins, Chief Executive Officer

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Visit the St. Joseph's General Hospital Website

Located in Elliot Lake is St. Joseph's General Hospital, a 57 bed fully accredited facility serving a catchment area of 14,000.  The hospital provides a range of therapeutic services including, occupational therapy, speech pathology, physiotherapy and dietary counselling as well as the following:

  • Medial
  • Obstetrical
  • Intensive Care
  • Social Services
  • Surgical
  • Emergency Care
  • Pastoral Care
  • Chiropody

The ambulatory care unit in the hospital runs Monday to Friday and consists of day surgery, specialist clinics, diabetes education and chemotherapy.  Specialist clinics include: cardiology, Cardiovascular Surgery, Gastroenterology, Psychiatry, Internal Medicine, Otolaryngology, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics, Nephrology and Urology.

St. Joseph's General Hospital is integrated with the Northeastern Ontario Network of Hospitals (NEON) with Medi-Tech EMS and PACS imaging system.

St. Joseph's Manor

70 Spine Road, Elliot Lake, ON  P5A 1X2
(705) 848-1443

Visit the St. Joseph's Manor Website (part of the St. Joseph's General Hospital site)

St. Joseph's Manor is a 64 bed long term care facility physically adjoining the hospital, with Family Physicians, nursing care available to every resident, as well as assessments of the resident, medication administration and prescribed treatments.

The Oaks Drug and Rehabilitation Centre

9 Oakland Blvd.
Elliot Lake, ON  P5A 2T1
(705) 461-4508

Ralph Regis, Manager

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Visit the Oaks Centre Website (part of the St. Joseph's General Hospital site)

The Oaks Centre is an accredited treatment facility operated by St. Joseph's General Hospital.  It is comprised of two services: Withdrawal Management (Detox) and residential treatment programs (Camillus).  The Oaks Centre is a co-ed facility and it is handicapped accessible.  Both the Detox and Camillus receives professional support from a Certified Medical Addiction Specialist.  Rehabilitation treatment beds are available as private, semi-private and as ward units.  Other ancillary service providers housed at the Oaks Centre are the Algoma Community Care Access Centre and the Elliot Lake Family Life Centre.